Poutine festival

As we found out about a  Festival for the Canadian national dish Poutine at the 3&4 of September, we wrote our schedule to make it to Drummondville at this time . Drummondville, a nice small town an hour outside of Montreal is hosting the festival since 3 years. the two-day pass is 25 $ , and I think worth it because on the massive stage are playing many different bands on both evenings. Main gig on the first night is Les Cowboys Fringants, quite ok – and on the second night Les Trois Accords, everyone in the audience got crazy for them, I didn’t but maybe because I don’t understand french and all their songs are in french and the lyrics are apparently amazing and they sing about the best place in the world, Quebec. I am sure the audience likes that very much!

Back to the food, hosting chef this year is Martin Picard from the famous restaurant Au Pied de Cochon in Montreal. He came up with some Poutine creations, like Lobster or Squid Poutine. There are also 3 other restaurants which are serving  Poutine creations on the festival. We start with Picards Lobster Poutine and a classic one, the fries are alright, the cheese curdes perfect and the gravy tasty.

We even have the chance to talk to him, the Food network star and famous Québécois chef. He is interested in our trip but I think he doesn’t understand everything what I tell him, maybe my or his English is not good enough. Anyhow I think he is a very nice and relaxed guy. Next dish is homemade (does the term Van-made exist…if not I want to claim that as a travel term) Blood sausage from the Montreal market with apples and onions and sauerkraut (jaja the German is homesick or what??!!). Served with a nice country bread, pain de champagne and Dijon mustard.

Next day, more Poutine. Lemaire Cheese dairy company has a food stand, and their Poutine is pretty alright. La Banquise from Montreal is also there and we give it a second chance and order a Taquise, Poutine with Tomato, Guacamole and sour creme – nasty good!

And we find another Canadian food highlight, Oli knew of course but I never had before – Beavertails. Deep fried dough, dipped in sugar and for our order in cinnamon and served with a lemon wedge. I think we have that in Germany too, and if I remember right we call it Langos or Laos or something like that…

Then there is music again, and I guess more poutine after a couple of beers and more live music, till it is time for us to go to bed.

Next morning all we can find to shower is the beach and I don’t recommend it, the water is a bit dirty and I am not sure if the St. Lawrence river excuse me the Fleuve Saint Laurent is a perfect choice to swim  in but we couldn’t find anything else.

On more dinner before we leave the area, another sausage from the Montreal market – Rabbit, they were extremely delicious and we served it with a leek vegetable stew and rice.


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